Perks of Being Single and How to Enjoy Life

This Blog is specially dedicated to all single people reading this even including me. Here i have mentioned some cool Perks of Being Single and How to enjoy life being single. 

i have written here some thoughts around my mind all day which include What are the Advantages of being Single and how you can enjoy your life being single.

But if you are thinking that you'll die single then you are wrong my friend. At some point of life you will meet your Soulmate and carry on your New Life. You must have to enjoy each moment of your life

1. Save Money 

You will save so much money rather than spending them on buying Gifts, Cards & Creepy Flowers they'll probably never use. you can use that money on Food, Travel, Etc.

2. Full Focus 

You can Focus on yourself and won't have to match your schedule with anyone else's. so no distractions at all and focus on the life you want.

3. Flirt anyone 

You can use Cheesy pick up lines without the fear of cheating or hurting anyone else. 
Was your dad a boxer? Because damn, you’re a knockout!

4. Stress Free 

You don't have to keep stressing about ghosted or even texting anyone back. you don't have to be scared of getting cheated on, because you aren't committed. 
 Two Words One Finger 

5. Enjoy own party 

You can eat your own food without finding the need to share it with another person and you get the whole bed to yourself. Once you started enjoying your own party you don't need anyone or no one can hurt you. 

Share this blog with your single friends and let them know the advantages of single life and how to enjoy the life to it's fullest.

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