Why #BoycottBigBoss14 is Trending Everywhere? Here's Possible Reasons

Why Boycott BigBoss14 is trending
Boycott BigBoss season 14

After getting announcement of New season of BigBoss 14 public and SSR fans are disappointed. Is that because of Salman Khan or Show being bogus ? Let's discuss these all Possiblites. 

Why #BoycottBigBoss14 is trending ?

SSR fans and public is disappointed from new season of BigBoss 14 there's many reason why people hating this show and doesn't want to watch it. 

Reason 1 : Hinduphobic Agenda 

Show always invite a guest who belong from hindu culture and making fun of it. as you can see in BigBoss 14 teaser they invited Radhemaa and in later seasons we all know it.  

Reason 2 : Bollywood being Drugywood

Currently Bollywood becoming drugywood new-new names of stars are coming out everyday who are involved in taking drugs

Reason 3 : Criminal Salman Khan

Big reason why people don't want to watch this show that is Salman Khan is criminal who is out on bail and public is not idiot who will support such a criminal. People now don't want to fill pockets of criminals like Salman Khan. 

Reason 4 : Boycotted Shusant Singh Rajput

As all the Bollywood had boycotted Shusant Singh rajput so public is doing the vice versa they are boycotting these shows and films of nepotism star kids. 

Public is also disappointed with colorsTV and demanding them to boycott this show and off air else they will cut colorsTV subscription. 

From my point of view people are boycotting this show because Bollywood boycotted shushant Singh Rajput and fans wants justice for him and it's totally fair public is not idiot they know everything and will not support these criminals and nepotism star kids

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