3 Sexy ways to unlock password protected PDF file

here is 3 easy ways to unlock password protected PDF files or remove passwords form PDF files
How to unlock password protected PDF files

In today blog i'm writing 3 easy ways to remove passwords from PDF file or unlock password protected PDF files. well, this life hack can save you when you have forgot the password of PDF file so you don't have to get frustrated upon your mind for not remembering a damn password.

I will mention here 3 methods to remove passwords from any PDF file and these methods don't require any special knowledge of cracking passwords and things like in movies, these methods are so easy and effective so let's do it.

Method 1 :

AnyBizSoft PDF Password Remover Software

Steps to Follow :

  • Download AnyBizSoft PDF Password remover
  • Install and open the application.
  • just click on "Add Files" and select your password protected PDF file.
  • Now select the Destination folder and click on "Start".
  • When you hit the start button you will see the password getting removed and the password of the file will show up on screen.

Method 2 :

Elcomsoft's Advanced PDF Password Recovery Software 

Steps to Follow :

  • Download the software from (HERE).
  • Extract the file.
  • Install and open the application
  • Rest steps are same as above method 1.

Method 3 : 

PDF Unlock website 

Steps to Follow :

  • Go to this Website : pdfunlock.com
  • Upload the password protected PDF File 
  • Click on the unlock button , after some time you will see a new screen in which your password will be removed
  • Now download that PDF file and when you open it Boom there's no password.

Bookmark this page in case you need this in future so you don't have to look around. i hope these 3 methods of removing passwords from PDF file helped you and if not do comments and suggest your views. 

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