Secret Trick to get Spotify Premium Free For PC 2020

Trick to enjoy Spotify premium free for windows
Free Spotify Premium For Windows

Fond of listening music? i'm mentioning here an easy but secret Trick/Method to get Spotify Premium Subscription for Free. Yeah, you read it right it's totally free Trick which will give you free Spotify premium subscription for Windows.

is it Legal? 

i don't know it's legal or not but don't worry no one will notice it as it's super secret stuff man and if you are here reading this then you should forgot what is legal or not. lol i'm kidding :) but to make sure this trick doesn't involve any use of payment systems like cards and all. So, you all safe.

How to Get Spotify Premium Subscription For Free : 

we all know how Spotify ads annoy us while listening to our playlist they just pop up and ruin our music rhythm. but in today Trick i'm providing an Secret trick to Get Spotify Premium Subscription for free 100%. just Follow below steps and enjoy your Spotify Free Subscription.

Note:- This Trick will only works for windows user so i'm so sorry for other platforms.

Steps to Enjoy Spotify Premium For Free

Step 1

Press 'Windows Key' and 'R' Key simultaneously, This will open Run. Copy and paste the following command in it and Click OK. "(%SYSTEMROOT%\System32\drivers\etc)".

Step 2

'etc' Folder will be opened. Copy "hosts" file onto your desktop.

Step 3

open the "hosts" file you copied and open it using Notepad and paste the Following lines directly after the last line in the hosts.

Step 4 : 

Save the File as "hosts.backupfile" in desktop and select 'All Files' in save as type then Hit Save.

Step 5 :

 Go to desktop and rename the "hosts.backupfile" and remove the ".backupfile" now click anywhere and copy that file to "etc" folder and replace it. Now open Spotify and Enjoy.

Now Stream the unlimited music without any annoying ads that break your rhythm while doing any work. and make sure to do comments what you want next.

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