Top 10 Best CS:GO Soundtracks of All Time

list of 10 best csgo music kits of 2020
Best CS:GO Soundtracks 2020

Bored of listening default Counter strike music? But confused which CS:GO Music kit to purchase? Not to worry we are mentioning here the list of 10 best music kits of CS:GO.

Choosing an Good track for CS:GO is bit difficult because there's so many different music kits and we got confused which one to choose but here we are gonna clear your confusions by providing the best CS:GO sound tracks.

11 Best CS:GO Music Kits 

these sound tracks are personally picked by us and we hope you love our choice and make sure to comment your suggestions. 

1. EZ4ENCE - By the Verkkars 

All time favorite soundtrack of all players and will be on Top because everyone love's to vibe when it plays in MVP and It costs from 5$-8$ (USD)  at Steam market. 

2. Backbone - By Roam 

This perfect soundtrack is for players who just love to rush and proves they have backbone. This soundtrack is StatTrack and costs around 5$ (USD)

3.  I Am - By AWOLNATION  

This soundtrack includes cuts from "I am" and for those players who loves happy endings it is perfect choice. This Soundtrack is StatTrak only and costs from 4.60$-7.62$ (USD)

4. Hotline Miami - By Various Artists 

This kit is packed with cool electric beats so you can vibe on winning the rounds. This soundtrack costs from 4.13$-7.32$ (USD).

5. High Noon - By feed me 

This kit includes chill beats so you can chill after becoming MVP in Round. This Soundtrack costs from 4$-6.72$ (USD)

6. Desert Fire - By Austin Wintory 

This kit is packed with sweet flute beats and sounds like music of victory. This Soundtrack costs from 4.37$-6.93$ (USD)

7. The Talos Principle - By Damjan Mravunac 

This kit is packed with amazing cinematic music and when you become MVP will feel like you won an intense war. This Soundtrack costs 4.91$-6.59$ (USD).  

8. GUNMAN Taco Truck - By Dren

This amazing soundtrack includes Mexican tunes and best sound for trolling the enemies. This soundtrack costs from 16.39$-26.57$ (USD).

9. Total Domination - By Daniel sadowski

This Stunning Kit is packed with aggresive electric beats and will rise your adrenaline level after getting victory. This soundtrack costs from 3.78$-6.62$ (USD).  

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10. Drifter - By Matt Levine 

Get cowboy feeling after wining rounds this soundtrack is packed with cool cowboy music just like in movies. This Soundtrack costs from 3.82$ (USD).

so gamer's these were our handpicked all time favorite best CS:GO music kits or soundtrack which will give you coolest vibe after becoming MVP and it's not only limited to MVP these soundtracks are also good to listen in background also. 

I guess all your confusions might get cleared and make sure to listen all of them on YouTube so you can decide which soundtrack suits you. 

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