We Spotted 5 Planets including Mars,Mercury,Jupiter from Naked Eyes

5 Planets Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter,Mercury will be visible on 19th July
5 Planets visible from Naked Eyes

Hey Space Lovers, Today I'm writing a blog about how we Spotted and Captured 5 Planets in our mobile and I have also attached some Pictures of Planets Taken through my Mobile. 

So, I was just scrolling my Instagram feed at Night and suddenly I saw a post saying that on 19th July 5 planets including Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury & Venus will be Visible clearly from our naked eyes in Early Morning 45 Minutes Before Sunrise and I felt excited to see them as I love little astronomy.  

Venus :

I wake up at 4:15 AM and Started Looking at the sky for Planets but Didn't Found any but at 4:45 AM I saw a Bright Star which was Venus and it was Looking Very Bright. Below is the Picture of Venus Captured through my Mobile.

Here's shot of planet Venus from mobile camera

Mercury : 

After Spotting Venus, 15 minutes later I spotted Mercury just Below Left to The Venus and it was not clearly visible due to light pollution but I captured it on my mobile you can see the Picture of Mercury below. 

Here's shot of planet Mercury from mobile camera

Mars :

when I captured and spotted Planet Venus and Mercury in our Mobile Camera we searched the sky for other planets and found Mars and it was alone and Middle of 5 Planets. honestly, Watching Mars from Naked eyes was really amazing Experience. Below is the Image of Mars.

Here's shot of planet Mars from mobile camera

Saturn :

Just after 5 minutes we spotted another Bright Star which was Saturn and it was looking Bright Amazing in the sky just like Planet Venus but we also spotted some moons of Planet Saturn we Don't get the Much Closet view of Saturn but it was looking Really Cool. watch Below the Image of Saturn

Here's shot of planet Saturn from mobile camera

Jupiter :

I didn't get the closer shot of planet Jupiter but get the hands-on combo of planets Jupiter & Saturn. Due to Low Camera Quality of My mobile device I can't do much zoom to capture the closet view of planet Jupiter. Below is a combo picture of the planet Jupiter and Saturn.

Here's shot of planet Jupiter from mobile camera

Timing of Spotting 5 Planets :

If you missed this event today then don't worry you can able to spot these 5 planets till 25th July. Be sure to Setup Alarm at 4:30 AM and Wake up Early 45 minutes before the sun rises up 🌅 .

watching 5 planets including Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mercury through our naked eyes is really an Astonishing experience.

Location of  Spotting 5 Planets

Venus: East - Northeast
Mars: Southeast
Jupiter: Southwest
Saturn: Southwest

You can find the planets with the help of the compass app on your mobile.

I hope, all the space lovers or non-space lovers enjoy my blog and make sure to comment on your views on this.

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