How to protect smartphone from hackers - 5 easy ways

Protect your smartphones from hackers
How To Protect Smartphones from Hackers

In this Modern Era, Technology is both Boon and Cursed for us. We have to be careful while using our smartphones to not become the victim of a hacking attack.

Black hat hackers also are known as the bad guys they try to get access to victim smartphones to steal their data,  private pictures,  accounts, and Passwords.

But don't worry we have mentioned the 5 easy ways to protect the smartphone from hackers.

How do hackers hack a smartphone? 

There are many doors left open for hackers to get inside and gain access over your phone if you are not serious about security of your smartphone.

Hackers make payloads (a malicious app file) and make them install in a smartphone if provided them enough permissions then hacker gets completely gain access over smartphones and can hack the mobile cameras, inject a virus, steal private files and passwords, etc.

This is just a small example of how do hackers hack smartphone but there are still many ways for hackers to hack smartphones easily.

Where do hackers sell information? 

  1. Dark web 
  2. Businesses 
  3. Big Company's 
  4. Political parties 
These are some common places where hackers can sell the hacked data and make millions from it but it's illegal and if caught it will lead directly to imprisonment. 

Dark web: 90% of hackers sell hacked databases over the Dark web and get payment in bitcoins to not get traced.  

Businesses: Some Hackers Sell Targeted Victims data to business organizations for money.

Big Company: Hackers sell the hacked Databases of users to big companies for letting them know what's the behavior of the user and what thing he/she likes

Political parties: User's data are also sold to political parties for knowing the choice of people to help political parties win. 

Now, don't think that you can earn millions by selling user's data. this is a serious crime and just think of your parent's reputation How they will feel.  Be a gentleman. 

How to protect the smartphone from hackers?

  1. Avoid Unsecured Public Wi-Fi 
  2. Avoid clicking links
  3. Use Strong password
  4. Delete Cookies and History
  5. Don't install suspicious Apks 

Avoid unsecured public Wi-Fi : 

don't connect to unsecured WiFi
image: Google images

We all love free internet but don't be greedy that much to get your smartphone being hacked. Don't trust unsecured public Wi-Fi and avoid them because hackers use this as a door to gain access to your smartphone.  

So, Tip is that next time whenever you find unsecured Wi-Fi Don't connect to it.  

Avoid clicking links :

Don;t click phishing Links
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Hackers will try to send you malicious links in your mail by using the fake names of big companies like Amazon, eBay,  etc. But don't open that link because it is a phishing attack from hackers that will steal your account passwords. 

So, Tip is that you must verify the mail that it's official or not.  

Use strong passwords :

Use Strong and long passwords
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Whenever registering an account on websites you must choose a strong password of at least 14 characters and include symbols and digits it will make the password stronger or use a password generator and save the password somewhere in your notes. 

So, Tip is that don't use the same password at different websites and save your passwords in notes to remember them.  

Delete Cookies & History of Browser :

Regularly Delete Cookies and History of Browser
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I've seen most users don't delete cookies and History of their browser and it is a really bad habit. We all must delete our Browsers Cookies and History after surfing on the internet to ensure the security of our privacy.  

So, Tip is that you must Regularly delete your browser cookies, history & cache.  

Don't install suspicious Apks :

don't install malicious apps in mobile
image: Google images

Downloading and installing apps from untrusted websites will lead to getting smartphone being hacked and all the data will be stolen by black hat hackers.  These applications are actually payloads created by hackers and they upload it over the internet by changing the file name and when a user installs it boom they got hacked.

So, Tip is that Don't download and install Apks from untrustworthy websites.

FAQ Section 📄 :

Is Antivirus Necessary for a smartphone? 

No,  Antivirus is not that important for smartphones they provide device security but sometimes they can also betray us and can sell our data Anonymously.

What is a phishing attack? 

An attack in which hacker sends a malicious link to the victim through the mail and when victims click that link and enter their user: pass it will be sent to hackers. 

What is the bad side of the dark web?

There's no good side to the dark web. Their only hackers and scammers and if you got something free and downloaded it then be safe it must be a dangerous virus. 

Are Hackers Rich?

Yes,  they are rich in their skills and if we talking about money ethical hackers make money legally while black hat hackers generate money illegally. 

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