Harsh Beniwal Wants Reason Why Youtube Deleted His Video

YouTube Deleted Unboxing video of Silver play button by Harsh beniwal on his 2nd Channel Harsh Beniwal 2.0 .

Creator Harsh Beniwal Told this in his Instagram Story and Wants to know the logical Reaction behind the deletion of his unboxing video.

He shown his thoughts that YouTube is going bias now because he's not trending the deserving video and deleting videos even with little slang word used under Community Policy Violence.

What's the Real Reason Behind? 

We think the reason was the Word "MADAR****O" written on his Silver Play Button which he Unboxed and put video on his channel.

I wanna ask YouTube that Bro are you on weed?

He also stated that Pewdiepie flushing His Gold Play Button that was cool and not a joke to them but Writing a Slang on YouTube Play button just for the fun is Against Community Guidelines?
He asked YouTube "Koi 12 saal ka bacha chala rha hai kya Company".

We also agree with Harsh Beniwal and wanna say what this behavior YouTube? like not trending deserving Video and Deleting video of Good Creators who wants to put happiness on people face.

He also expressed that YouTube may decrease it's channel reach but he just did that for putting smile on his Fan's face and Creating that Channel Shonty and Poplu just for Fun and gaming not for any content.

Every creator will be sad when his video which getting big reach and likes but suddenly got deleted. I think YouTube have to look upon this issue otherwise some other platform will be created and takeover it Just like TikTok :) which is totally takeover by Instagram reels.

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