5 Most Useful Books For Learning Ethical Hacking : Noob to Pro

Books for learning hacking
Books for Ethical Hacking

Aspiring to become Ethical Hacker? Or Already a hacker but want to Upgrade and Learn new skills. Don't worry we got you covered with 5 Best Books For Ethical Hacking and some more information about Ethical Hacking.

Table of Content :

  1.  What is Ethical Hacking? 
  2.  Career in Ethical Hacking 
  3.  Ethical Hacking Exams
  4.  How To learn Ethical Hacking Free
  5.  Top 5 Ethical Hacking Books 
  6.  FAQ Section 

If you are here from movies that show how hackers hack into systems,unlocks any prison door in just minutes than guys all these scenes were fake. So, don't be an idiot Real world hacking is different.

What is Ethical Hacking?

Hacking done to expose vulnerabilities in system or software or in other language Hacking done in legal way is called Ethical Hacking. Ethical Hackers have consent of Company's to Hack their System, software, website, etc and close the loop holes of that System or Software to protect them from Black hat hackers.

Ethical Hackers are also known as White hat hackers which means they are good guys and always work in legal way.

 Career in Ethical Hacking

In this Era of Technology, Many Company's and Organizations Hire Skilled Ethical Hackers to work for them and Check Vulnerabilities in their Software and System. Hiring Ethical hackers are like compulsory for them if they don't hire Ethical Hackers then Company can Face big loss. 

Anyone who have little knowledge about coding and Computer can pursue his/her Career in Ethical Hacking. 

If your Dream is to Join Company's like Microsoft, Apple, Google then Choosing Career in Ethical Hacking is Best Option for you because these company's Specially Need Ethical Hackers for their Software and System Security. But you Should have High Skills and Fix Goal in Mind because getting job in Google,Microsoft,Apple,etc is not an easy task. 

Ethical Hackers in USA are Paid Approx $99,000/yr
Ethical Hackers in India are Paid Approx ₹570,000/yr

so, you can see it's a good career choice for those who love technology and aspiring to become ethical hacker. 

Ethical Hacking Exams

After Choosing your Career in ethical Hacking you have to Take Ethical Hacking Courses Whether Offline or Online and Prepare for Ethical Hacking Exams to Become Certified Ethical Hacker and Get Certification for Passing the Exams with Good Score. 

For Certification you have to Give Exam of CEH(Certified Ethical Hacker) Below are the Details.

official website of CEH :- eccouncil.org

ethical hacking exam details,syllabus,date
Ethical Hacking exam details

If you Cleared the Exams with good score you will get CEH Mastery Certificate and that will help you get jobs in Tech Company's.

There are many Certification Exams to have certificates having at least 3 Certificates is enough for getting Job.

How to Learn Ethical Hacking Free

Yeah, you heard right we are mentioning here ways to learn Ethical Hacking free and testing your skills so you will be ready for giving Ethical Hacking Exams confidently.

 Sources to Learn Ethical Hacking Free

  • Online Courses
  • E-books 

1. Online Courses : 

Learning Ethical Hacking from online courses is best option for everybody because you will learn it through experts and they will teach you visually and with practical examples which will help you gain more knowledge. 

So, there are many Sites that offer online courses but they charge some fees but don't worry you will learn the course for free. I'm talking about Udemy which Provides Large number of courses. For getting Free Ethical Hacking course you just have to put ethical hacking in search box and filter with Free Courses and you will get the list of courses that are free of cost to learn. 

2. E-books :

E-books are also great alternative for learning ethical hacking free there's lot of E-books about Ethical Hacking but choosing the right one is biggest Task because it should have whole information about the topic and with some illustrates to help students learn Easily. 

Not to worry we have handpicked and mentioned the best books for Ethical Hacking which will help you achieve your goal and gain full information about the topics. 

Top 5 Best Ethical Hacking Books

  • Hacker's Handbook
  • Web hacking 101
  • Nmap Cookbook
  • Burpsuite Essential
  • Metasploit for beginners

1. Hacker's Handbook :

In This book you will learn many new things from exploiting to new techniques of hacking there's much more information provided in Hackers Handbook. What you'll Learn? 
  • Discover new injection attacks 
  • Deliver Most powerful cross site scripting attacks
  • Exploiting with new techniques
  • Scripts Source codes
  • Exploiting HTML 5, REST, CSS and JSON 
  • Dealing with CAPTCHA'S
 you can purchase this book from amazon or download it free from many online source but i'm pretty sure you will get some viruses also. Below is the link to Purchase From Amazon. Buy the Kindle Edition as it cost you cheaper than Paperback

2. Web Hacking 101 :

Amazing book by peter yaworski in which he teaches Finding Vulnerability in web applications and exploiting the system or software for security issues and also mentioned some ways to earn money while doing Ethical Hacking and it's fully legal. What you'll Learn?

  • doing html injections
  • XSS (cross site scripting) 
  • Exploiting Web applications and software
  • Earn Money doing Ethical Hacking
  • RCE (Remote code execution)
  • Bug Hunting
  • and many more...

3. Nmap Cookbook : 

This book is written by author Paulino Calderon. in this book he will teach you to become master of Nmap and do Real world Hacking with your Computer. what you'll learn?

  • Discover about Nmap & it's related tools
  • Techniques to perform host discover and Port scanning
  • Creating your own Nmap Report
  • finding vulnerabilities in databases, web servers, mail servers,etc
  • Learning Fundamentals of Lua Programming  

4. Burpsuite Essential : 

Written by author Akash mahajan. this book will help you become pro in burp and testing mobile applications and finding vulnerabilities in it. What you'll learn?

  • Test any Web application 
  • Set-up and Test SSL enabled applications with no error
  • Develop your own Custom Burp Extensions
  • and many more... 

5. Metasploit for Beginners :

Written by author sagar Rahalkar. this book covers the topic of metasploit and exploitation using metasploit and provided many set of examples for students to learn easily. What you'll Learn?

  • Learning Pentesting
  • hunting real vulnerabilities 
  • making payloads
  • Web application security scanning
  • Bypassing security 
  • and many more...

Note:- Links posted above is affiliated by amazon. we will get a little commission if you make any purchase through it. and all these books are also available for free online but you will definitely get an virus in your system that's why they provide for free..

FAQ Section : 

1. Types of Hackers ?

Basically there are three types :
  • White Hat Hackers
  • Black Hat hackers
  • Grey Hat Hackers

2. How to earn money while hacking?

There's many websites that pays you for finding vulnerabilities and reporting them so that they can fix them and you will be awarded with $.

3. Why Black Hat hackers are Bad Guys?

Only their work is bad because they hack illegally without anyone consent otherwise they are also humans. 

4. Best Books for Learning Hacking

  • Hacker's Handbook
  • Web hacking 101
  • Nmap Cookbook
  • Burpsuite Essential
  • Metasploit for beginners

5. Can i become hacker at home?

Yes, anyone can become hacker from his/her home by taking online courses or E-books and practicing your skills and master them. 

6. What is average Salary of Ethical Hacker? 

In USA, Ethical Hackers are paid Approx $99,000/yr
In India, Ethical Hackers are Paid Approx ₹570,000/yr


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