5 Hidden Features of Instagram every user should know

5 hidden Features of Instagram you should know
Hidden features of Instagram 

Instagram which has more than 1 billion + monthly active users the most popular social media app nowadays and it keeps updating it's an application and introducing Brand new features but you should have to know the features that we ignore because they somewhere are hidden or you don't yet explore Instagram Properly.

In This Article, I'm gonna showing you the 5 hidden features of Instagram that we all ignore or don't know where they exist.

Table of Content :

  1. What is Instagram Features?
  2. Hidden features of Instagram
  3. Newly Introduced Feature Instagram "Reels".

What is Instagram Features?

Since the Instagram application developed their developers keep developing and introducing its's coolest features to the users from funny face filters to liking the text feature. there were many features that were introduced to users but they remove it when they don't get any positive response 

just like the floating heart feature, they added but Instagram removed the floating heart feature after some days but they don't yet tell the reason why but honestly users were loving the feature. 

Instagram has now become the king of social media applications because it has all the features that we seek in other applications. 

5 Hidden features of Instagram

Here's we mentioned and explained the 5 hidden features of Instagram that every user should know. But before that, it's a humble request to all the readers reading this article that they should comment below their thoughts and suggestion so we can keep improving.

1. How to Hide Green Dot on Instagram? 

Hide Instagram Green Dot from Friends and family
Hide Instagram Green Dot from Friends

This stunning feature will let you hide the green dot that always appears to people when you are online and will help when you are reading memes but don't wanna chat with boring people. 

Steps to Hide Green Dot on Instagram :
  • Go to Instagram > Settings > Privacy 
  • Now select Activity Status
  • And Disable it. 
But this feature has it's a drawback which will not allow you to saw the last seen of people.

2. How to Disable Instagram Account Temporarily? 

Trying to focus on your exams but can't because of Instagram messages and memes etc. Don't worry this amazing feature of Instagram will let you disable your account Temporarily and nothing will be change or loss in your account. 

Steps to Temporarily Disable Instagram Account :
  • Loin Instagram in Google Chrome 
  • And Turn the site in Desktop mode
  • Click on profile and select settings
  • Now, see Below Pictures.
step 1

step 2
Now, your account will be temporarily disabled and you can prepare for the exams peacefully.  

3. How to see liked posts on Instagram? 

Steps to see liked posts in Instagram
See you Liked Photos on Instagram

Well,  I found this feature very useful when we have given alike on some post but forgot who it was and want to see again. 

Steps to See liked posts on Instagram :
  • Go to Instagram > Settings > Account
  • the select post you've liked the option 
  • Now, it will show you all the posts that you have given alike.  
And it will become easier to you to find the older posts that you have liked.  

4. How to stop Random People Tagging you on Instagram?  

steps to Stop random People Tagging you in their Photos
Stop Random People Tagging you

Instagram has come up with very new features for its users to feel safe and take care of their privacy. This feature will let you stop Random people tagging you in their posts

Steps to Stop Random people Tagging you on Instagram :
  • Go to Instagram > Settings > Privacy 
  • Click on Tags 
  • Choose the 2nd option 
  • Now, only the people you follow can tag you in posts. 
And the same procedure for stopping random people's Mentions.

5.  How to Make Gradient Text on Instagram Story?

We all like Rainbow and it's colors but why don't we make our Text Gradient in Instagram Stories?  Yeah, we can do it and very simple task just follow the below steps to make your text Gradient in Instagram Stories. 

Steps to Make Gradient Text on Instagram Story :
  • Go to store and select the picture
  • Write the text or Hashtag 
  • Select the Text 
  • See below images for better assistance 
step 1

step 2
Now,  your text will be Gradient and it will look cool on your Instagram stories. Try all these features and drop your comment if you like them.

Newly introduced Feature Instagram "Reels":

After Indian Govt. Banned 59 Chinese Applications including TikTok. Instagram has launched its brand new feature in its Application called 'Reels' in which user can create and upload short videos just like the application TikTok. The interface of Reels is similar to TikTok and Users don't have to Download other applications for it.

Instagram has launched reels
Instagram Reels 

As we mentioned above Instagram is now the King of Social Media Apps because it introduced so many Engaging features for users. Instagram has been benefiting after the Ban on TikTok in India, all Indian TikTok users have now switched their Platforms From TikTok to Reels.

Features of Reels : 

  • user can Create Short videos of 60 Seconds
  • Trending Reels Video will be featured in Instagram Explore
  • Users can save Reels Video 
  • and other features similar to TikTok 

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