Top 5 Secret Hacking Gadgets Used By Hackers in Real World

Take A look at 5 Secret Hacking Gadgets used by Hackers that Nobody will tell you.

Have you ever wondered what Hackers use to Hack into any system? Which Gadgets they use for hacking. Don't worry we are mentioning the 5 Hacking Gadgets and info about them.

So these are the 5 Hacking Gadgets Used By Hackers.

Top 5 Hacking Gadgets 


This Tiny Device is capable of launching hacking attacks and useful for beginners if you wanna learn or sharpen your Hacking skills. It has an inbuilt processor, ram, USB ports, etc. It's Size of Credit Card and Very Reliable for hackers. It Runs Kali Linux Natively the OS that Many hackers Use for Hacking Networks, scanning, and many hacking Attacks. 

A Low-Cost Device which Range from 35$ and Consume low Power and works efficiently. 

Hacking, You can Do with Raspberry pi:

1. Hacking Wifi 
2. Hack Locked Pc
3. Penetration testing 

  • USB Rubber Ducky

A small and Usefull Gadget of Hackers for Injecting Payloads to other's Pc. This Tiny USB device has stunning Use For Penetration Testing. When we Plugged USB Rubber Ducky in Pc it acts as a USB keyboard and Uses it for Keystroke payload injection. You can also Turn your USB Device into a USB Rubber Ducky by following Guides available online. 

It's also a Low-Cost Device Ranging From 10 - 45$.  You can Follow the Online Guides if you Lost how to Use this device or New to it. 

The fun part is you can Play Music at Loud Noise from your Friend Pc or At College :) by running a script. 

  • WiFi Pineapple 

This Supercool device is Designed for the Testing of Networks for White Hat Hackers. But through this Device hackers can perform MITM (man in the middle) attack and Gain access to all your sensitive data like Account and Passwords, User id, etc. 

This Stunning Device is not much expensive and Range form 100-200$ and yet a best tool for Hacking. 

Tip: Don't use Open Wifi network if You don't trust or know Else your device will be vulnerable.  

  • HackRF One 

The Most popular Radio Hacking tool for Hackers till now.  HackRF Tool is capable of Transmission or Reception of 1MHz to 6GHz Radio signals.  

Designed by Great Scott Gadgets and Range from 300$.

 It's a little Expensive but Great for Radio Hacking, Radio Communication Sniffing, replaying or transmitting signals, etc. 

This Tool can be Useful for unlocking the car door also.


This Stunning Device is Developed by Jonathan websites and this tool is useful for sniffing, cloning, and reading RFID (Radio Frequency identification). 

When comes to RFID research this tool is on "gold standard". 

Device Price ranging From 400$ but worth it. 

Functions : 
  • Sniff Communication B/W Reader And Tag 
  •  Can Read Any RFID tag
  •  Doesn't Require PC it Works Standalone
  • It Pretends as Reader or a Tag

Note:- All this information provided here is for Education Purpose only.  We are not liable for any illegal step taken from yourself.

These Were the 5 Hacking Gadgets Used by hackers in the real world.  Mention your favorite one in the comments section. 

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