Make Easy and Free Organic Liquid Fertilizer At Home For Super Flowering

 Make 100% Organic Liquid  Fertilizer at Home for Super Flowering and Fruiting. Get Loads of Fruits/flowers on Plants.

What is Fertilizer ?

Fertilizer's are used in farms for better growth of the plants and crop's. they are proved super tonic for the plants growth. Fertilizers are of two types Chemical Fertilizers and Organic Fertilizers

  • Chemical Fertilizer's : These types of Fertilizers are usually used in farms for better growth of crops and avoid getting bacteria to plants. But After long period of using chemical fertilizers it can decrease soil fertility and harden's the soil . Ex: Urea, Ammonium Sulphate, Zilled zinc, etc 
  • Organic Fertilizer's : These Fertilizers are good for plants and give organic and best result's but it takes time to work as compare to Chemical fertilizer's. we can use organic fertilizer's in home based plants or whether in farm. Organic Fertilizer's are good for the soil and increase the soil fertility. we can make organic fertilizer's from dead plants, vegetable peels or egg shells, etc. 

Which Fertilizer is Good 'Chemical vs Organic'?

It depends on the area you do farming. if you are doing farming in big area then you require some chemical fertilizer's for better growth and avoid bacteria's to destroy your plants or crop. But if you do gardening or grow plants at home then Organic Fertilizer's are best Choice for you . it will increase your Soil fertility and give you better results but as i said Organic Fertilizer's Take Time to Work. 

below i have written an method on how to make Easy and free organic Fertilizer at home. Let's Check it Out my Gardener's. 

How to Make Organic Fertilizer at Home ? 

 Hello, my Lovely Gardner's. So today we are gonna make a super Tonic Organic Fertilizer at Home for better growth of plants and Super Flowering and Fruiting. we using bananas because bananas has highest potassium and curd for Lactic acid.

Requirements:- 1 Dozen bananas,Curd, Jaggery(Gud),Mixer, and Big Plastic Bottle.  

Steps :- 
  • Cut all the bananas into half. 
  • take a Mixer and Add the Bananas into it and ad a little bit water and mix them. After Mixing it you will see the Blackish Paste. 
  • Now Extract that Paste into an plastic Bottle and 1 cup water.
  • Now Take Half Bowl Curd and Add 100gm Jaggery in it 
  • Mix the Jaggery in curd Properly 
  • Now Add the Curd and Jaggery in that Plastic bottle and Mix Them By shaking the Bottle
  • Now Close the Bottle and Keep it in Cool Dry place for 2 days.
  • After 2 days , you will see some bubbles on top of bottle. open the cap for 10 seconds and then close it and Shake the Bottle Well.
  • Now keep that Bottle stored for 10 days.
  • Voila , Your Organic Fertilizer is Ready. 
Note:- Read below the process of applying fertilizer to plants otherwise we are not responsible for any damage to plants. 

How To Apply Fertilizer on Plants?  

After 10 days of storing fertilizer it's time to use. Read Carefully. Do not try to apply the Fertilizer directly on plants because now it's super tonic and can cause damage if you apply directly.
Process :- 

Take a 1.5 litres of empty Plastic bottle then add 10-15 ml of Organic fertilizer into it Now Add 1 litre Water and Mix them Well. Now your are good to go for applying fertilizer to Plants. Apply the mixture in pot and sprinkle on plants. Do Not Apply Fertilizer daily, Give a Gap of week or apply on Sunday's  only.

What to do of rest Organic Fertilizer? 

Here's a tip on Storing the rest of Organic Fertilizer the Process is Same Just Mix Curd and Jaggery paste after every 10 days in it. and use it by following the same process mentioned above. 

Results after Applying Organic Fertilizer's : 

Happy Gardening,  let me Know in Comments if this useful for your Plants or Not. or give us some Suggestions of Next Topic. 

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