Grow Organic Chili from Chilies At Home - Tips For Care and Fast Growth

Here's How to Grow Chili Plant From Chilies At Home. Grow 100% Organic Chili Pepper and Tips for Fast Growth.

Chilies are the most common use vegetables in Foods. i'm an Indian and i know how much we love chili and spicy foods and chili are used daily in Foods from Junk food to Dinner because without spices we can't feel the taste of food.

Chilies are easy to grow plants you can grow them at your home in small pots but they need proper sunlight and better care to grow them. Today i''m writing about growing chili plant from chilies that will be 100 % Organic. 

 Requirement's :- 

  • old red chilies or seeds
  • pot 
  • sand and Compost
  • sunlight (it's free)
  • Organic Fertilizer
  • Better Care
  • water (undoubtedly)

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Steps to Grow Chili Plant  :-

  1. Take a small Pot and make an small hole at bottom and cover it with a small rock.
  2. Now fill the Pot with Mixture of Sand and Compost
  3. Take 1-2 dry chili and place over the sand don't push them inside.
  4. Now just sprinkle a fine layer of the mixture you prepared above.
  5. water thoroughly , don't overfill
  6. Voila, That's easy. Now Do Proper care because it requires sunlight. 

Tips for Fast Growth of Chili : 

Chili plant requires more sunlight and care otherwise only flowers will grow but they won't become chili. so for that you need some organic fertilizer for fast growth of chili plant and organic fertilizers are best to use in plants because they do not harm the soil and the plant but they take time to show result. 

You can also collect your kitchen bio-degradable waste and add to your soil after every week they will decompose and give your plant some better growth and better fertility rate to soil. 

You can refer our previous post on How to make Organic Fertilizer at home. the fertilizer i had made will give super boost to plants and result in super flowering/fruiting. Check result below 

How to Take Care of Chili Plant 

Taking best care of plant will give you better result in plant growth. Everything requires proper care and maintenance whether it's an machine,human beings, animals, plants, etc. Taking care of plant isn't that hard job or even i love to take care plants and spent time with them when i feel lonely it give's best pleasure and calmness. 
so, i'm Mentioning some tips to follow for taking care of chili plant.

  • Plant should be placed in bright or direct sunlight.
  • water them when you feel the soil getting dry.
  • use organic fertilizers after every 10-15 days. 
  • or if you feel your chili plant getting extreme heat then you can place them inside windows when proper sunlight come. 
  • cover the plant with garden shade net for avoiding birds or prey eating your chili or flower.

When to Harvest Chili ?

Everyone eagerly wait for this part because they wanna harvest their chili after taking so much care of plant now it's time for plant to return you an best chili. For Harvesting your chili, always wear gloves. Now Harvest bright red chilies because when they turn bright red color you should know it's the harvest time. 

Enjoy your chili by slicing it and adding to your omelet, pizza, or many dishes. and one thing i want to tell is that hotness of chili depends on it's seeds and skin both so don't remove seeds if you  want hot taste. because seeds absorb more heats. 

How Long do Chili Plant Live ? 

Chili plant have age of 2-3 years. They will give chili all year if proper care is done. Chili plant are heat loving plants so they do require proper sunlight. 

Which soil is best for Chili plant ? 

Loamy soil is best for chili plant. with soil you also require organic fertilizers or compost and a good drainage also. if you don't have loamy soil you can use mixture of sand , coco-pit and compost. 


hope you love this article. make sure to comment your suggestion for next plant you wanna learn to grow :)

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