Grow Taller Exercises : 5 Best Height Increasing Exercises at Home

Nagged for Short Height? Here's 5 Best Natural Height Increasing Exercises at Home. Grow Taller take a 2 week Challenge.

or Search Internet for 'How to increase Height' but they shown all medicines that give side effects.
Tired of people commenting you on your short height or Your class make  lame jokes on you? Then Here's best and 100% Natural Height Increasing Exercise to Grow Tall within Some Weeks.Feeling Excited ya? All The exercises Mentioned here are Natural and you can do at your Home also . No Gym No Problem.

Perform all these yoga poses or Exercises in Morning Time .

What are Reasons For Short Height ?

  • Genetics : it's  Mostly an Common Reason that if parents are short then there's much likely possibility their child will also be short. but in certain cases this is not a reason 

  • Disease :  it is also an important factor behind short height. you may have some disease mentioned here. 
  1. Growth Deficiency Disease
  2. Heart Disease
  3. Asthma
  4. Kidney Problems
  5. Hypothyroidism
  6. Diabetes
  7. Malnutrition

  • Bone and Skeletal Disease : these also can effect your bone growth. 

Height Increasing Exercises At Home :

1. Cobra Pose : Also Known as 'Bhujangasana' in India it's an very effective Yoga pose and very beneficial for our Spine. 

Steps : 

  •  Lie prone on the yoga mat. Stretch the legs back and feet touch to the floor and both hands placed little wide apart from shoulder.
  • Now with Inhalation , stretching your both arms to lift the chest above grounds as far as you can maintain and hold this position. but don;t harden your buttocks.
  • Now hold in this position as long as you can or at least 10 seconds.
  • Then Come Back to the original position with exhale. Repeat the Steps for 5 Times.

  • Benefits of Cobra Pose :

  1. Strengthen's your Spine 
  2. Helps Stretching Chest, shoulders, abdomen and lungs.
  3. Helps in Increasing Height
  4. Cure Asthma
  5. Awakens Kundalini 

2. Mountain Pose : Also Known as Tadasana in Sanskrit. it's an very easy to do pose and it's beneficial for both children's and Adult's.

Steps :

  • Stand Straight on the Mat & Hand on Sides.
  • With Inhalation Raise both hands upwards and slowly stretch or lift the feet and stand on the toes.
  • Try to hold this position for 10-15 seconds.
  • Now Exhale and Come back to Normal Position and Repeat Steps 5 Times.

Benefits of Mountain Pose (Tadasana) :

  1. Height Increase
  2. Improve body Balance and Posture
  3. Increase Awareness
  4. Weight Loss
  5. Strengthens Your Thighs , knuckles , ankles, legs

3. Seated Forward Bend : Also Known as Paschimottanasana in Sanskrit. This Pose is bit hard for beginner's but best for our Spine.


  • Sit on the Yoga Mat and Stretch your Legs fully.
  • Inhale and raise your both arms straight to your Head
  • Now with Exhale bend Forward and Hold your feet with hands
  • Try to be in this position for 10 seconds then come back top normal position. 
  • Do this Pose 5 times.

Benefits of Seated Forward Bends :

  1. Increase height fast
  2. Spine Flexibility 
  3. Strengthen arms and legs
  4. Keep Digestion Good
  5. Reduce stress and depression 

4. Jumping and Skipping Rope : All knew this exercise very well and it's very effective everybody suggests it. Easy and Simple to do exercise you can perform at your home. Jumping and Skipping Rope helps Increase Height fast. 

Steps :  

  •  Stand on the Floor and Start Jumping on your toes with deep breaths, Do daily 50 Jumps on toes.
  • Now Rope Skipping 50-100 Reps. Do with deep breaths if you have low stamina. 

Benefits of Jumping and Skipping Rope :

  1. Build Leg Muscles 
  2. Increase Height Fast
  3. Build Stamina

5. Surya Namaskara : This Exercise Contain 12 pose in it known as Surya Namaskara below are steps of How to Do Surya Namaskara. This is an All round Exercise which stretch the whole body.

Steps : 

  • Stand in Prayer pose and Raise your arms 
  • come down with your hands and touch your feet
  • Now stretch one leg back then one leg bend , both hands at floor and raise up.
  • Now Bring your Knees Down and hips little back and slide forwards and Rest your chin and Chest on Ground.
  • Then Do Cobra Pose (Check above 1st exercise) 
  • Perform Mountain Pose (Check 2nd Exercise)
  • Repeat Step 3 with Alternate Leg
  • Now Place your Both hands on ground while legs straight and do not bend knees.
  • and Raise your Arms and stretch them up. 
  • See Below Picture to Perform this Exercise

Benefits of Surya Namaskara : 
  1. Stretches the Spine 
  2. Glowing on skin 
  3. Helps Loose weight
  4. Increase height 
  5. Improve Digestion system.

These are our 5 and effective height Increasing or Grow Taller Exercises. Take an Challenge for yourself and do this Exercises for 2 weeks. 

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