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Today I gave you an idea of how to create a website for totally free so, these steps:-

How to Get Free Domain For Your Website

Today it is very difficult to get free domain .com for a website because everyone company wants to profit and not give in free but many provide domain in cheap but not in free. In this Blog, our team finds a company that provides free and hosting for 5 years.

How To Get Free Domain For 5 Years

If you search online free Domain for a website their many results there but none of the websites gives you a free domain. They give you domain in cheap but not in free in this blog our team tell you the method for free domain and hosting for free for 5 Years.

There is a website name Mailchimp who provides free Domain and Hosting free for 5 years to get the full details and how to get follow these steps.

1. First one any safe browser and search MailChimp and click on the first option.

2. Now Sign Up for free with your Gmail or another account. 

3. Here enter your mail id and password.

4. now click on free and click on complete.

5. Here enter your First Name and Last name. 

6. Tell them about the website or business and click next

7. Add you're correct address to Mailchimp and click next

8. Enter your Domain to find its available for buy for free in Mailchimp and click next 

9. Now you enter the domain and it's available to buy so, now click on Claim Your Domain

10. Now fill the card or Paypal for security reasons and click next

11. Now the last step click on the Claim Your Domain you get your domain free for 5 years

Now you can be built your website for free and manage all the things form the Mailchimp home page. Now enjoy your free domain and earn a lot of money for the next original buy form Mailchimp after 5 Years. If you wanna connect this domain to the blog post I can explain this in free hosting.

Hosting Free For life Time 

If you planning to open your website you also know how hosting important to the website and revenue.If you purchase Domain or get by our team trick and you want free hosting and it has to be fast so please read this blog very carefully because our team finds the best free and fast opening hosting. The google blogger services are the best free service for hosting because if buy hosting in the low budget there you not fast service because you gonna get shared hosting only 5 to 10 people gonna visit on website at the same time and other are failed to enter in your website because you are using shared hosting and google also not recommended you website because your site is too poor at speed and hold people at least 15 so, you should get the Google Blogger Services. We hope you like this blog and your info about all hosting. 

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