YouTube Vs TikTok : Carryminati Roasting,Cringe Content,deleted video

YouTube VS TikTok : The Hot and Viral Topic in India now.

Well you all know whats trending and hot topic on internet today is YouTube Vs TikTok. Why it became so viral and Viral that it's not over yet. 

When this Fight Begins: 

This Fight Begins when Some Famous YouTuber  Lakshay Choudhary and Elvish Yadav Roasted some TikToker's on thier video in funny Way. 

After then Amir Siddique The Not So Famous TikToker 😂 (No offense ) uploaded an IGTV video on Instagram and Tagged Many Roasting YouTuber even He tagged CarryMinati the King Of Indian Roaster's. 

No offense But I laughed when i see that Towel or 'Gamcha' on his shoulder :) 

He challenges YuTuber That They Are Nothing And All. 

After Watching That Video All Youtuber Who are Tagged in His video Roasted him on Thier Youtube Channel and That's When the Hate Starts to TikToker & Chinese App TikTok :) 

Even Famous YouTuber CarryMinati Also Replied Him in his YouTube Video And That Video Breaks The Record of Most Liked Video after Akshay's Song Filhaal.

Unfortunately CarryMinati Video has Taken Down By Youtube And That Was The Sadest Moment for Youtuber And Carry's Fans. But , Fun Thing is When Mr.Faisu (TikToker) Uploaded His First Vlog Video on Youtube it breaks the Most Disliked Video Record :) 

But All Youtubers Supported CarryMinati When His Video Taken Down by Youtube . Even He uploaded A Reaction video on his channel after all this and That Video Get's Fastest Likes. 

TikTok Rating Fallen Down Rapidly :

People Get Angry When Carry and Many YouTuber's Videos Got Deleted Then Here Comes the Memers who Coolen Down the Angerness of people And Begins The Moto of Ban TikTok and 1* Rating On playstore and That Was Going Successfull till now TikTok Rating Has Fallen Down From 4.2 Star To 1.2 Star Till Yet. 

Even Famous Acton Paresh Rawal Also Tweeted "Ban TikTok"

The Most Intresting Part of The Topic Famous Youtuber Technical Guruji Roasted TikTok Withouth even Saying A Single Word . You can Watch His Clip Below.

Technical Guruji did this video for carryminati and fans suporting Youtube . He uninstalled TikTok from his 16 phones and Did Sanitize his Hands also that was the Fun part :)

After Technical Guruji , YouTuber Harsh Beniwal Also Uploaded Video on His Channel And Roast TikToker's. #RoastNhiFryKarunga

So Coming To End Im gonna Say i'm with Youtube also :)

Thanks For Giving Your Precious Time Here.

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