Top 10 best Mobile Games to play during Quarantine 2020

Bored in Quarantine? Here's list of Top Ten Best Games of 2020 For Android and IOS .

Welcome my fellow readers, Hope you all doing great in quarantine. we all getting bored now of just scrolling Instagram and Facebook, no fun activity i guess. Even me also bored of social media apps and reading all the same trending memes on them. but you can add some fun in your boring day by playing the trending mobile games of 2020. Feeling excited to know? 

Let's started.

The Top 10 Trending Mobile Games of 2020 

  • Fortnite : Love multiplayer games and battleroyale games? then  this game is perfect choice for you that's why it's first on list. this game is developed by epic games and it's an survival-shooter game with multiplayer-mode . so you can play with your friends too and  voice chat with them. Many Celebrities also Play this game even Marshmallow play this game with famous Gaming Youtuber NINJA

  • PUBG : Guess you all heard this name before, because it's the most trending and popular multiplayer shooting game it has many modes you can play solo, duo, Squad and voice chat with them also. this has become the most addictive game of the Era. you must have to try out this game if you love shooting and survival games. 

  • Mobile Legends :Bang Bang  It's an 5 v 5 multiplayer mobile battle game and it's an online game so you can play with your friends or classmates or random. this game is popular in south Asia region. in this game you have to destroy enemy base and have to defend your base too. if you make it to destroy enemy bases than you will win don't worry you will get re-spawn if you die. 

  • Pokemon Go : The most trending and exciting game of the era and for Pokemon fan's you all know it very well. it is developed for IOS and Android. Launched in 2016 and got viral all over the internet from children to adults everybody gone crazy for this game. Just turn on your GPS and start your journey to catch and battle and Train Your Virtual Pokemon. fun is you have to Rome around your city for Finding and Catching the Pokemon's.

  • Call of Duty Mobile : Ever played this game on your PC/Laptop? well i have played all of the COD games on my PC and they were really good. so they have now launched this game for mobile also. it's an first person shooter game and multiplayer also so you can play with your friends also and i also prefer FPP over TPP. and this game gets over 148 million downloads so it's worth playing. 

  • Minecraft : The game which everyone loves to play from kids to adults. This game is also awarded with most influential games of all time. Explore in this game , build your buildings, create your world and compete against other players. it is paid in mobile but it is worth to play. Try it once and you will get addicted to it. 

  • Standoff 2 : if you are CS:GO lover and want that type of game on your mobile phone then this game is best choice for you . we can say it the alternative of CS:GO and it's Exciting game also if you getting bored in home. there's very amazing weapon finishes or skins. you will get Rank according to your game-play. it's pretty much fun try it out.

  • Candy crush Saga : the most fun and time-pass game you will ever play on your mobile . you have to match the minimum 3 same color candy's in it and have to make different types of combos in it and clear out all the candies there and boom "Bob's your Uncle" i mean you win. many users are still addicted to this game yet and it's really very much fun you will get lot's of levels there to clear.

  • Doodle Army 2 : I personally love to play this game on my mobile with my classmates from school to college i always love to play this in college vacant period or class. You will get option there whether you wanna play solo , duo , squad, or as many of players  even your whole class can play in the game altogether. first it's name was mini militia and now from the latest update it becomes doddle army 2. 

  • Hill Climb Racing : The Most Engaging game you will; ever play. Mostly kids like to play this game it is their favorite game but not to worry even when you play it you will get addicted too. There will be an Vehicle given to you and you have to go on through different obstacles and clear the target. there will be many more vehicles & Season's and you can upgrade them if you have enough in-game coins. You will get Bonus if you made some crazy flips like front-flip and back-flip.

So These are the best mobile games of 2020, you can say them the best android games . Hope you love our Article Make Sure to Comment your View and Suggestion, Thanks.

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