The 100 : Season 7 All Spoilers Are Here

The 100 : Season 7 All Spoilers Are Here

The 100 Season 7 Spoilers Are Here ! 

Hello , The 100 fans !! hope you have watched the extended trailer of the tv show "The 100" and after watching the trailer many questions have arise in your brain ! Well not to worry we are here for clearing your doubts and questions  and don't forget to check the spoilers !

Well if you are new then you must have to watch this amazing t.v Show "The 100"  below some little information about the T.V Show : 

The 100 :  it's an T.V  Show or Web series based on space and earth . After nuclear explosion on earth 93 years ago . people on space decided to send 100 peole on earth to check the earth is survivable or not . 

Total Season : 7 


  • IMDB : 7.7/10
  • rotten tomatoes : 92% 
After Watching the ratings you must have to watch this amazing web series . It's available on Netflix and The CW Network.

i think everybody know's when season 7 is coming if not then let me tell you it will be aired on The CW Network on 20th may .

After watching the extended trailer it leaves us so many suspense and questions  . Don't worry we are here but if you don't like Spoilers then we are extremely sorry for this but be aware from your friends maybe they can tell you . So, let's begin 

Here's  Spoilers : 

  • Is Octavia Blake Alive?
Well, the answer is yes because 'Hope' (Diyoza Daughter) attacked Octavia with knife and then Octavia get's vanished in Anomaly. we have seen Anomaly Cure Octavia in season 6 so i don't think octavia Blake dead. We will see her on season 7

  • What is Anomaly ?
we have seen in season 6 when Octavia's hand is sick then she gone into Anomaly  
and she came fully Cured Without and scar mark. and if you watched the trailer they said anomaly is an wormhole. it's like an another dimension . 

  • What will be New
In Trailer we have seen outsiders come and try to kidnap or kill people. they are invaders who just travel through the Wormhole (Anomaly) .

  • Will the cycle Stop ?
the answers here is maybe yes , because it's the final season of the web-series so they have to make it an happy ending so maybe the cycle stops !

  • Will Alie's Chip Drama Ends?
i think they may end this chip drama in 1-3 episodes maybe there's no alie's chip now because the last chip is destroyed by raven but when raven destroyed the chip theres written on computer screen "upload succesfull" . Maybe Chip drama continue or not it fun to see that !

  • Happy ending or not ? 
Every series ends with an happy ending but some characters has to sacrifice for that maybe in this series madi or bellame or octavia , echo , murphy has to sacrifice .

  • Russel prime Alive? 
in last season we have seen they have not killed Russel prime they just capture him on jail but maybe russel find a way to escape well  for that we have to watch the season 7 releasing on 20th may 2020.

Happy Quarantine !!

Don't Forget to Watch the Season 7 of The 100 on 20th May !!

Here's Trailer if you haven't Watched it yet 

Comment below Your Thoughts What you like and the spoilers are correct or not.

Have a good Day !!

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