Poco earbuds is worth to buy?Price and Launch Date

Poco Launch a Twitter poll yesterday where fans could vote for brand new for pcoc earbuds fans vote for new earbuds. It wasn't really close, as one option was an overwhelming favorite the name of the so-called wearables will poco pop buds.                                                                                                                                                                                      

Over 21,000 users on twitter vote for a name for poco earbuds and name came out is poco pop buds win with 42.2%.which is over 9,000 people. The second best was poco Funkz with 27.9% or nearly 6,000 votes. Poco move buds were third with 23.9% or about 5,100 and the least impressive name to the poco fans was the Klip buds moniker only 5.8% chose this option which is around 1,200 people. 

Speaking about the exact earphones, we expect them to be the Mi Air Dots 2 SE with Poco’s logo over them. The price in China is CNY169, which translates to INR1,799 or $24/€21, and we have to wait for an official unveiling to see if Poco will keep it so low.  

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