Money Heist:Tokyo aka Úrsula Corberó Family,Friends,Boyfriend and Career

Ursula Corbero is a Spanish Actress she better know as Tokyo in India by web series name Money Heist.

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In India, during the lockdown, all people are watching web series on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and many more. During lockdown, web series name La Casa De Papel (Money Heist) is getting famous all over but in India people, La Casa De Papel get more property then other countries and all started watching La Casa De Papel (Money Heist) all actors perform super but character name Tokyo is doing the voice-over in this web series and in India Tokyo character get popular overnight and people search for her on the internet like who is she and her boyfriend and brother, sister and family.


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Story of Tokyo(Úrsula Corberó)    

Ursula Corbero born in Barcelona on 11 August 1989 she grew up with his parents Pedro Corbero is a carpenter and Esther Delgado is a shopkeeper and she has a sister named, Monica. By the age of 6, she decided that she become an actor and she got his acting and dancing classes at the age of 13.Started his career in 2002 with small roles in movies and Tv shows. In 2008 she got his big role in Fisica O Quimica (Physics or Chemistry) tv show this is comedy base series with 7 seasons by this role public noticed her in the public area and take a selfie with her.

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In 2017 she got a role in La Casa De Papel (Money Heist) this is a web series by Netflix and she got the main role in this web series but the season does not get his popularity but 2018 Netflix release season 2 of La Casa De Papel ( Money Heist) and this season get a very big number of audience all over the world and in 2019 Netflix release season 3 of La Casa De Papel (Money Heist) and this season win many award all over the world for best show of 2018. In 2020 Netflix release season 4 in during Lockdown and people waiting for the season and this show trending at number 1 in many countries. In India, people love this web series in large number and she becomes a star in India overnight. 

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