PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 Update Release Date

Pubg Mobile 0.18.0 version release in pass time and fans love this version because of Pubg mobile release new Royal pass and the theme on power rangers. Pubg Mobile going to release a 0.19.0 version on 17 July midnight.

A New QuickFire and Scope Button

Another new feature coming in Pubg mobile soon a quickfire button in 0.19.0 version. This feature appears on the left side of the screen this button lets you open scope and fire at the same time. Pubg mobile tested this feature form a long time and this feature added in this version.   

Many players of Pubg mobile can't open scope aim on enemy and fire at the same time this new feature gives advantages for low skill players to win the fight. This feature solves many problems for all players.

Library: New TDM Map

Tencent test this map in china forms a long time. We all know the games of peace this is a Chinese version of Pubg mobile. Tencent test this map form a year and now Tencent decides to launch this map on TDM deathmatch mode. But developers want to release this map later in the global version of Pubg mobile.

Earlier this year Pubg Mobile wants to release this on 0.18.0 version update but the testing is not complete of this Library map. In the latest update of Chinese Pubg mobile developers release this new map. A significant twist of this new map is the gun switch mechanism. When you kill an enemy you obtain his weapon right away. 

This map made for close combat and intense fight, so players choose the AR gun and have to kill the enemy fast because of all the enemy the killed player who has the AR gun. Pistol sniper or semi-sniper is not a good choice in this map because of all players fight in close combat.

All New Bolt Action Rifle Gun: Mosin Nagant

Mosin Nagant introduced in Pubg Pc before come to the Chinese Pubg mobile. The players of Pubg Pc gave there experience and feedback to Pubg Pc developers and then Pubg mobile decide to launch a weapon in Pubg mobile called Mosin Nagant bolt action rifle gun.


This new sniper gun will bring new choice for pro players and sniper lovers in Pubg mobile. It also has great damage and a high firing rate also effective range from 500-900. The bolt action rifle destroys the level one or two helmets but the level third Hemet needs two-shot of this gun to break. This bolt action rifle is quite similar to the legendary sniper gun Kar98K and also use the 7.62 ammo to fire. Mosin Nagant is a new sniper gun that is expected to come in PUBG MOBILE 0.19.0 update soon.

New Fourex Map

The coming of the new map Fourex leaked by Tencent Games On a post on Twitter, Tencent Games released four fragments of a mystery map. we have a new map with merging these four scraps together, Many players think it’s the Erangel 2.0 which has been tested in PUBG Mobile beta version in the China server.

However, it does not look like the appearance of the Erangel map. It can be a totally new map called Fourex which has not been introduced in any version of this game before. Fourex has all features of all four classic maps in PUBG Mobile.

Four scraps of this new island are cut from four PUBG Mobile classic maps: Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Vikendi. Fourex can be a 2x2 map in arcade mode. When coming to PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 update, it may have a different name because Fourex is only a code of this island during developing progress.

0.19.0 Update Release Date and More

Pubg Mobile developers gonna release this update on 17 July 12.PM in the morning. This news confirms by Pubg mobile officials.

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