13 Reasons Why' Season 4 is Final Season? Spoilers and More

13 Reasons Why Season 4 is Final Season Everything you need to know.                                                                                                                    

13 Reasons Why is a very popular show in America and all over the world fans waiting for season four of this show. This web series is base on a book by Jay Asher the basic story of this is a Hannah got admission to high school she came to form another city and every character bully her accept clay later clay get his tapes and found out who raped her and secrets of everyone. she got Raped by Bryce Walker this is season 2 story. In season 3 everybody wants to kill Bryce walker because he raped too many girls in this web series but he makes him free and change his school but someone killed him and season 3 on this story who kill Bryce walker.

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Basic Story & Spoilers of Season 4  

In season 4 everybody wants their secrets to be safe, so they not got caught by police. In a press meeting 13 Reasons Why writer Yorkey said that he wants to end this show by Season 4 because he said Every high school ends in four years. So when somehow every high school show or web series becomes seven or eight-season long don't get me wrong I watch them all. but I tend to get a little suspicious of something that began as a high school show or web series. And it felt like bringing these characters to their graduation and to scattering to their next things felt like logical ending point.so for a long time, the idea has been, should we be so lucky to have the opportunity, we would do it in season four and season four going to breaking all record's and this is season final.


Season Four Cast, Trailer, and Release Date 

Who in 13 Reasons Why cast

  • Dylan Minnette as Clay Jensen
  • Christian Navarro as Tony Padilla
  • Alisha Boe as Jessica Davis
  • Brandon Flynn as Justin Foley
  • Justin Prentice as Bryce Walker
  • Ross Butler as Zach Dempsey 
  • Devin Druid as Tyler Down
  • Grace Saif as Ani Achola 
  • Josh Hamilton as Mr. Jensen
  • Amy Hargreaves as Lainie Jensen
  • Miles Heizer as Alex Standall

The Netflix confirmed that 13 Reasons Why will return on 5 June only on Netflix.

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