10 Most Deadliest Amusement Rides You Won't Believe Exist

10 Deadliest Roller Coaster Rides you don't wanna go. The Most Dangerous and Deadliest Amusement Rides you will ever see in your Lifetime.

We all love Amusement rides and Roller Coasters and even we enjoy them but you get scared once you see these 10 Deadly and Dangerous Amusement Rides in the world. Even i got scared once.

So, be ready guys this Ride gonna start now buckle up your belts and enjoy the Ride with us.

Top 10 Dangerous Rides :

  • Falcon's Fury

Falcon's fury is in Florida , USA. and it's North America's longest Free Standing Tower. The height of tower is 335 ft . reason why it's deadly is because first it takes passengers slowly to the top then Come's down with an amazing speed this ride is not for people who are heart patient or scared of height's.

  • Red Arrow Sky Force 

Red Arrow sky force ride is in Blackpool pressure beach, England. the height of ride is 75 ft long. As you can see above in picture their is wing's both side on the chair and then ride starts rotating like hell. You will experience whole day like you are in a plane.

  • Insanity Ride  

it's upon the Stratosphere Building , Las Vegas. when this ride starts the height of ride becomes 900 ft. and start bending the chairs to 130 degree and start the ride by rotating at the amazing fast speed you won't believe. you will not try again if you gone once.

  • Banshee Roller Coaster

It's in King's island ,USA. it's worlds longest roller coaster and it's height is 4,124 ft. this ride is dangerous when it's stuck at mid and then start's like hell . this ride is not for heart patients. 

  • Sky Tower Ride

this ride is in Denmark. warning this ride is not for heart patients and they don't allow if your weight is too low and you are drunk  also. so don't drink when you going to enjoy this ride. In this ride people are fallen in net from height of 100 ft.  

  • X-Scream 

The World's third highest ride made for people who love to do daring and adventures. this ride is on top of Stratosphere building , Las Vegas. in this ride you will feel scared when this ride stuck at last point where you feel that you will fall.

  • Giant Canyon Swing    

we all have swing in park but giant canyon swing isn't the simple swing ride. it's swing speed is 50 m/ph . you will get goosebumps and you will forgot to breathe even. they will sign you an agreement that if  any thing happens to you while riding this only you will responsible.

  • Royal Rush Coaster 

it is present in Colorado . in this ride people are tie reverse with strong cables like a superman and then one cable will cut off. thats why this ride is dangerous.

  • Kinda Ka

It is in New jersey. the worlds biggest roller coaster with 465 ft height and world's second fastest roller coaster. heart patient can die die while riding this because  you can see the roller coaster tracks and speed.

  • Slingshot Ride 

it is presented in North California, USA. the chair are tie with two cables the fun and adventure starts when the ride begins. we fell like hell is near to us . (just a joke). but yes this ride is really adventurous  and dangerous .

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